2017 local league rule additions/modifications

Updated Friday February 23, 2018 by WBB.


**2017 Regular Season local rules for all Babe Ruth teams in Aquidneck Island League Babe Ruth play **

--  League-age 16 yr-olds may continue to participate in the 13-15 Division in 2017 as authorized by the RI State B/R Commissioner.

--  *updated*  BBCOR (-3) bats are now required for use by all league-age 14, 15 and 16 yr-olds.  [The BBCOR-standard bat is the same bat in use in RI middle school games and currently required in all RI high school sanctioned games]. ***For 2018:  Applies to all players with birthdays on or before April 30, 2004 (considered league-age 14 and up)***.

--  *updated*  Any league-age 16 yr-old may pitch.  Teams are restricted to a maximum of 3 innings total per game for any combination of 16 yr-old pitchers (i.e. one single pitcher -or- two or more 16 y/o pitchers on a team, in a single game).

--  The traditional Babe Ruth calendar week pitching rule will continue to be utilized for all regular season games:  any pitcher may pitch a maximum of 7 innings total per calendar week (calculated from Monday thru Sunday only); any pitcher throwing more than 3 innings in a single game is required to rest two subsequent calendar days before again pitching; "one pitch = one inning" rule applies per B/R rulebook.

--  Use of the continuous batting order (allowing all players on a team present at a game to hit in the line-up) is again authorized and is strongly encouraged to be used.

--  Time limit:  ONLY applies when a game has another scheduled game immediately following it (such as early Sunday games held at Cardines or Seveney Field, or weekend/weeknight games followed by a Men's League game).  Such games are subject to a 2-hour time limit, *with no new inning to begin once the time limit is met* (but allowing completion of the current inning in progress).  Game start time/use of time limit should be confirmed by both coaches and umpire prior to start.  Such a time limit is necessary to ensure that multiple games scheduled at a single field on the same day are completed.